Heal While You Build 2.0

Heal while you build... life has many obstacles that can leave you broken, battered and beaten, I’m no different.

Let me show you how I was able to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually while building multiple income streams, authoring a best selling book, establishing a strong social media trust community: all while being a wife and mother of 4!

You can do it too, let me show you how! 

1 Loving Me First

Are you ok? Are you at peace? Do you walk in joy? Have you checked on you lately? Well I’m going to teach you on how loving you will help...

2 Be A Daughter First!

So often we are how to be everything such as a wife, cook, nurse, mother,  teacher, business woman etc. Rarely are we taught how to be a dau

3 Is My Worship Real?!

10min...30min...60min. Are you spending time with God or are you that busy? Truth is a lot of you are busy. You desire to be with the father

4 They Know Not

 Forgiveness keeps you free! I’m going to teach this until you get it. Prepare yourself, it’s going to get real...

5 Removing The Rubble

No more walls. No More OFFENSE! It’s time to tear down, break down, and destroy anything in your way. 

HWYB Live Virtual Class (NOV)

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Unbreakable Rest

The Father promised us sweet rest. Join Prophet Markita as she releases peace to your spirit, calmness of mind and REST to the body.

HWYB Live Virtual Class (DEC)